Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Uptick

In the past week my blog has seen over 900 hits from Russia and another 94 from Mauritius. That is more than from my home country of the United States. If you are from Russia or Mauritius welcome there is a great deal here dealing with Russian/Soviet weapon system.

As for Mauritius, need to do a little research. If nothing else the flags are colorful.


  1. Interesting, I have had a similar Spike in interest from Mother Russia there must be a lot of gamers in the new KGB, did I say KGB, whoops another spike.

  2. I too am feeling the scrutiny of Mother Russia...perhaps we shall meet in the gulags.

  3. Well gentlemen if we do, I will be in good company. On the 27th of July I had another spike of close to 400.

  4. I am from Great Britain and hopefully won't create a spike though our MI5/6 or whatever department Mr Bond works for is watching.

    1. I always like getting spikes from my British followers