Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Black Brigade

The Black Brigade (10. Brygada Kawalerii) faired well in my first complete game of Chain of Command. While their sections were smaller than the Germans, their Force Rating and advantage of one the Force Moral helped equal the odds.

Even though this was an attack/defend scenario, the Poles spent the first turn trying to get into position. With the Germans advancing along the center The Black Brigade worked on the flanks causing issues to the German Force Moral.

Losses in infantry were heavy for both sides with the Germans losing two tanks and the Poles an armored car.

In the end the Germans had staying power with the larger squads. I really enjoyed this and after getting a couple of answers from the Lardies Group (and some additional terrain) I will be at it again.

And one for those that see in color. :-)


  1. The black and white photo looks cool! I must try CoC some day.

  2. More pictures next time please as it looks very fine. Glad you're enjoying Chain of Command - the TFL community is very supportive. Nice to see Poles in action.

    1. Michael, there are more pictures here -