Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Chain of Command Game in the House

While I am only on the first turn and the Germans still do not have all of their troops on the board I am having a wonderful time trying out my 1939 Poles and Germans. It is a defend mission for the 10th Brygada Kawalerii. Unfortunately they were unable to make it in the pre-game phase to the positions they are supposed to be defending.

Yet they have pushed back the German left, took two jump-off markers and are pressing towards a third. And than the tanks have shown up. The Polish senior leader is concerned with the MG.32 in front of his building and missed the German Panzer I coming down the road.

His squad may still get a chance to shot but it appears it is raining mortar rounds. Only thing stopping the barrage is the pesky MG.32. It appears the Germans do not want to land rounds on their own position.

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