Sunday, January 25, 2015

Type 89s Anyone

I finished up three of my five Japanese Type 89s this morning before heading out to work. These tanks have always interested me. Maybe because they looked retro even when they were new.

The image on the left is the first image I remember seeing of this gem way back in a magazine in the 70s.

This medium tank, at least according to the Japanese Army,  weighed in at approximately 13 tons. This is in comparison to the later M4 Sherman weighing 30 tons and the M3 Stuart at 16 tons. I am willing to call them a medium tank as they were considered a medium tank when designed in 1928.

The Type 89 was not built in large numbers with the 400 plus built making an impact in China and the Philippines. While I have no plans to put them to use soon, if I was it would be battle on the mainland. I have had a lot of fun using them and armored cars in the DOS game Steel Panthers III.

There are certain things you need to be concerned with commanding these tanks. A 37mm Door Knocker (Pak 36) as well as heavy machine guns and anti tank rifles should be on the list. All were available to the Chinese.

While I do not see this happening anytime soon if the Japanese Army is needed in China down at the club I will be ready. Well at least I have a start. I may have to dust off my Manchukuo Army list for Chain of Command.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading this.

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