Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Reason Why

This blog post came about from a post on the TOOFATLardies yahoo group were I was blaming the Fat Wally website for my deep dive into Alternate History. To be honest the fault belongs to the old GDW Europa wargame.

Way back to my wargaming days I played a lot of Europa. Once Torch came out I had everything to do a strange and wonderful alternate 1940 history were France Fights On and the Battle of Britain happens over the Mediterranean instead of the channel.

Fast forward 20+ years and I want to do it again but at a tactical level and in lead not card board. I also had many years of research to make it work or so I hope to. I also had the Bag the Hun rules by TOOFATLardies as well as the Operation Sealion for the period feel for the supplement.

So with French and Italian aircraft ready and a few British and Germans added to the list I move forward with the miniatures as well as the writing. Yes I want this as a supplement even if it is just for myself.

While I have no one to blame but myself the Fat Wally website made the decision to start this in 2014 very easy. And as it was already started I can keep my no new armies pledge. Kev not only has great looking aircraft models but tells you how he painted them.

It is also easy to keep the number of aircraft small. The Italians only have one fighter with the range to be effective (but the G.50 can cause trouble defending Rome and Milan) and two bombers so you are looking 12 fighters and 10-20 bombers on the Axis side. The French have more variety but still small numbers, figure 10-20 fighter and 8-12 bombers. A few American aircraft will make an appearance as well as British FAA aircraft.

My biggest cost is bases. My initial idea was to go with Tumbling Dice aircraft and reuse the bases. I than had a credit that I used for Shapeways and O8 and found the 3D CR42s were to small to drill for bases and the O8 broke my drill bit so I will have to base then individually. No biggie just slowing down the process.

Sorry this got a little long but it happens. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think.



  1. I, too, played GDW/GRD's Europa series but it was closer to 30 years ago! I had most of the series (still have several of the titles) so I watch this project with great interest.

  2. Well my 20+ is closer to 30+ years ago. Think inflation, or if you are in New England deflation.