Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paint Table Saturday - The Big Push

With the year coming to an end I am trying to clean up a few projects and at the same time clear off the painting and gaming table. I want to end 2014 the same way I began on the Vis Lardica website, with a bang. As you can see in this picture I have my work cut out for myself.

While I have new World War I tanks to work on (as well as four Ishermans) I will work on the projects that are needed and or quick. This means Turkish troops for Fao, aircraft for the North Atlantic Harpoon scenarios and blinds for my TOOFATLardy’s games.

After that I have a battalion of British for the Middle East and East Africa, the tanks that I just got and what ever else is on the table that needs to be taken care of. I look to be very busy.


  1. A lot of variety on the paint table this week. Do I see items from your last paint table update?

  2. Yes, I ended up adding what I want to have done by the end of the year and removed everything else. Added to the ships and planes heavily as I have so many started.