Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hunt the Goeben

This battle report was a test run through of the rule system Grand Fleets by XII Majestic Twelve Games.

Here we have a very common game match up between the Goeben, the Breslau and Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge’s 1st Cruiser Squadron. Based on points in the system Rear Admiral Troubridge has the edge. Well that is if there was no fire control conflict of four armored cruisers firing on one target. If they can only fire effectively two ships at a time the SMS Goeben’s 11” guns will have the edge. And in this game she did.

The speeds were similar so initially the Goeben turned and let off a broadside against the HMS Duke of Edinburgh. She was very unlucky getting hit hard and receiving two critical, one of which was fire. She was out of the game and Rear Admiral Troubridge had to shift his command.

The HMS Gloucester attempts a torpedo run.

The HMS Defense was next in line and headed towards the Goeben with the rest of the squadron. Over the next 30 minutes the British and Goeben traded broadsides with the Defense taking substantial damage. By the end of turn four the Goeben decided it was unwise to tempt fate and exited the board.

At a strategic level I see the Germans head to Constantinople with the HMS Gloucester following. The HMS Duke of Edinburgh and Defense will be heading to the naval base at Malta for repairs and the reduced 1st Cruiser Squadron will maintain its watch on the Austrians.

Even in a game defeat Rear Admiral Troubridge will come
out better than the historical results.

Official results, Germans acquired 52 victory points and left the table. The British acquired no victory points.

As for the rules, they were average. I had to change from inches to centimeters to keep the action more like a naval battle than a knife fight. I will play them again as I like the DIY rules for ships, but I will keep looking. Any suggestions? Oh Toney, which side do you want in the next game.


  1. Interesting stuff- I've played the same scenario recently with a simple DBA derived set of rules and it resulted in the complete opposite result....

    I am rather taken with your ships and mat too.



  2. Thank you, the ships are from Figurehead Miniatures and the mat is from Jo Ann's Fabrics.