Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cold Wars Report

Another Cold Wars convention has come and gone. Even though there is a lot of room for improvements (this always seems to be the case with HMGS), it is good to see friends that I often only see once a year.

This year I found it amazing that there are six gaming clubs here in Pennsylvania between the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers. Only question is how to use this find for the betterment of the hobby.

Between catching up and chatting with friends I was able to get into three games, each different from the next.

First up was Al’s 1978 Battlestar Galactica were the peace loving Cylons (also known as toasters) were attacked by the Colonials we showed them what for.

The Battle is Joined. I think this is were Starbuck got it.

My Toasters.

That evening I played in Mark’s TOOFATLardies B'Maso! game set in Rhodesia were my forces set up an ambush on a police unit.
 Death in the swale.
Looks like the Rhodesian Police are having a spot of trouble.

It is wonderful what you can do with only two mines.

Lastly Tom Ballou ran a Chain of Command, also by TOOFATLardies, on Saturday for the Lardies that were not able to get into his Friday game. Here the Russians were trying to stop the Germans in 1941 with little success.

Funny thing is that in both Lardy games mines were a big part of the game. Worked in Rhodesia but not in Russia.

My purchases were limited to projects I was trying to complete. These include:
  • Items on my painting table
  • NĂ©ry 1914 not sure what rule system
  • Berlin 1945 for Chain of Command
  • Poland 1939 for Chain of Command
For the Berlin battle in a zoo I had to purchase a couple of Tigers. I have been able to hold off for 30+ years of gaming to purchase these WWII monsters. Not to bad I guess.

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