Sunday, December 29, 2013

The New Year is Coming

With the start of the New Year I hope to get a little more organized. That includes my blogging. Right now I have three a active blogs covering my life in writing.

GFB1914 will be the blog dealing with The Great War, my research and travel. Articles will have images from my miniatures and games but the articles will also include sources.

Basement Games was Lebanon 1982. This will cover all of my TOOFATLardies products as well as my naval miniatures and board games.

My Jewish Journey covers the path I started to take earlier this year going through the process of conversion. It is the weakest of my blogs as it is the hardest to write. By putting it on my list here I know I have to be more active.

I hope to blog on each at least weekly, as long as I have something to say.

Hope you enjoy what I am putting out there.

Basement Games
My Jewish Journey


  1. Some quite abrupt changes there, 2014 will be interesting to say the least. :-)

    Personally I would not commit to a set schedule. So many people try to keep to one and end up posting for the sake of posting, without actually saying anything... posting when you do have something to say may mean less frequent posts, but the quality of them will be far better because of that.

    As a reader, one good post a month, or even six months is far better than seeing drivel every day, or once a week and which will cause me to go past someone's posts, or even un-follow them.

    Personal blogs, like MJJ, are harder to write, but are usually the most satisfying, whether writing or reading... they can of course help others too! Stick with it, go with the flow and I'm sure it will gather an audience.

    Happy 2014!

  2. Thank you Jim. As in all things schedules are flexible. I will only write it I know it interests me and I think it will interest my blog followers.