Monday, April 18, 2016

A Not so Dirty Dozen.

When Twitter hit the stage in 2006 I was one of many in the technology field that wondered about how best to use it. While at first I was uncertain, I knew this was something to keep an eye on. The company that I worked for, while involved in creating web based applications most of the investors and “leaders” had little use of this thing called social media.

Well in two years I was working on a black-op project dealing with social media including Twitter for the than owner of the company. While not everyone in the meeting and hospitality industry got how best to use this technology it is one I would continue to use every day both professionally and in my minimal spare time for my hobby.

For wargaming and my interest in history I follow several dozen-twitter sites but if I had to go with a top 10 (or 12) it would be these.  These give a good cross section of my hobby which is modern, post 1914, history and games designers and writers that support the topics. There is a trend here but I am proud of being a self proclaimed Lardy (and will continue until Rich tells me to stop) and support Richard  Clarke and similar independent companies and platforms. Let me know what you think of this list as I am always on the look out for new twitter feeds and blogs.

A Not so Dirty Dozen.

WSS Magazine @wssmagazine
TooFatLardies @TooFatLardies
Henry Hyde @battlegames
Bad Squiddo Games @TheDiceBagLady
The Wargames Website @wargameswebsite
Sidney Roundwood @RoundwoodsWorld
Trouble At T'Mill @TaTM_blog
Chris Stoesen @ChrisStoesen
Neil Shuck @mandmpodcast
Henry Hyde @MiniatureWG
Michael Hobbs @Wargamer_Mike
FirelockGames @FirelockGames

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