Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paint Table Saturday

My latest additions to the German Army are a mixed lot for the 12th and 21st Divisions around Caen. I have been trying out at least five versions of German Dark Yellow (Dunkelgelb). While I have had mixed results I am pleased with the over all.

This force includes:

Panzer IVG
2 Panthers
Sd Kfz 250/1
Sd Kfz 250/10

2 of Sd Kfz P107
Sd Kfz 135/1 150

5 infantry as crew

This is a mix of German originals and French conversions. These will be used next week in a battle west of Caen using Chain of Command rules.


  1. Good looking models! I look forward to an upcoming BatRep of CoC.