Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paint Table Saturday

Paint Table Saturday a Day Late and Other Things

Well I am doing well for 2016 as I have completed the 4Ground farm house to go along with the two barns I finished in 2015. The last of this lot is a few walls and the cemetery. Not bad starting out 2016 with one of my two Christmas orders almost completed. Now the half tracks and armoured cars will take a little longer. The early war support troops may never be completed as I only needed six figures and an infantry gun out of the pack for Martlet. May have to find another pint sized campaign to handle these unneeded (currently) figures.

Now the first battle between Mark and myself was not good for the Germans. My troops had trouble getting on the board and the mist had little effect on the British. Not a great first game.

Now the second battle that will be fought latter this month has a lot of prospects. The Germans are ready and I am sure Mark is all set.

This image is from Daddy's Little Men. Additional images and a write up by Mark can be found on the blog.


  1. Jon, good to see you getting in a game! I have been enjoying CoC as of late too.

  2. I hope you have enough clothes-pegs and rubber-bands to hand :))
    I always end up needing more when building 4Ground kits and have to go hunting for them mid-build.

    1. I was shocked when I opened the box for the farm house to find rubber bands and cloths pins. First Class outfit.

    2. Really? Wow, that's great customer service. I buy my 4Ground from a trade retailer, and I only get from him what 4Ground supply, so no pegs/pins or rubber bands. I have to raid the household supply :)