Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fao Landing Part II

The battle is over and the British have started their long march north towards Baghdad, or they will once orders are released from the India and Colonial offices.

For now the reports show the Ottomans were tenacious trying to get through the Indian troops and escape to Basra. Losses were heavy for the Turks with half of the force dispersed and the rest captured.

This was an interesting scenario getting me back into the If the Lord Spares Us, rule set. Artillery was limited with the HMS Espiegle involved in a friendly fire incident. Machine guns were not used as was done historically. I am working on rules addenda that will include reinforcements and recovery for the campaign.

What is known in this 2014 study is the British have landed their Brigade north and west of Fao to reorganize for the advance on Basra. Leaving their mountain guns on the transports. Limited intelligence will be a major influence for the campaign. From the Brigade two companies were dispatched to protect the oil facilities around Mohammerah and an additional company acting as porters and guarding Fao. With a fifth of the companies on other duties Brig-General W. S. Delamain Indian Expeditionary Force 'D’ is already diluting his attack force.

I am finding this to be a slow but educational study on the campaign.

Up next, Johnny Turk strikes back.


  1. Nice looking game - I like the scenario and unit sizes.

  2. It is a very flexable system. This game was more of a warm up as it works best with at least a couple of battalions on a side.