Saturday, September 27, 2014

Painting Table

My paint table is finally opening up as the last of the summer and fall plants have left the basement and not a moment to soon.

Modern warships are coming together for two submarine games I will be running in October. While both are historical one is a little shaky as it involves the ARA Salta in its attack on the British.

For World War I have British naval infantry, early war cavalry and Ottomans for the Mesopotamia Campaign.

A little farther back, the Dark Ages, I have Picts and Normans in the queue. Image is from Splintered Light's website. The Normans are for their campaign in southern Italy a conflict I was unaware of. With luck there will be new rules from TOOFATLardies latter this year.

I have also been looking at the Lardies rules for naval combat in the Age of Nelson called Kiss Me Hardy (love Richard’s titles). That means I will be looking at some 1/2400 scale ships. I will probably start out with a handful of ships from Tumbling Dice. Thank you Chris for the article in the Lardy on setting up a campaign. Love those 6th rates and sloops.


  1. Not sure if they are still available or not, but the old card game Pirates are perfect for a cheap way to get into KMH.

  2. Thank you Chris, I see on ebay I can pick up some of these ships cheap to get started.