Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flames of War - 1918

I was glad to see Flames of War entering the gaming environment of World War I. They are the 800 pound gorilla and by them entering I can only hope that more manufactures will also join in and add to the wealth of 15/18mm figures and vehicles out there.

With a little surprise on my part I see they skipped the battle of maneuver in 1914 and the trenches of 1915-17 straight to the breakout offensives of 1918. Well Flames of War is in the business of selling tanks as Mark says so it makes sense. I do think they missed the boat in selling the infantry and cavalry for 1914. That is a colorful period, perfect for their rulebooks and trade publications.

They also went with German on British actions so we are missing the US Doughboy and French Poilu. Funny they already have the FT-17 already made.

And than I received in my mail box the email of their new releases. This is for the German forces…

Assembling Biltz's Battlegroup
with Blake Coster

Years of combat have made your infantry a tough fighting force. The cutting edge of your attack is the imposing A7V panzer and Stoss (shock) platoons. This tank is superior to British tanks in practically every way. Mass them against a weak point in the enemy line and use its overwhelming firepower to tear open a gap in Tommy’s trenches.


I am glad to see the Germans have a team of two tanks per company. There were only 20 A7V built so that is enough for two battalions.  I also did not realize so that they were superior to anything the British had.  Well the A7V was a big target with poor armor and poor off road speed. Its one strength is on road movement and most battles in 1918 did not happen on the road.

This is only a problem if people playing the game do not know their history. Gaming can come with a certain level of disbelief but this is historical gaming I thought. It is a concern to me a both as a gamer and historian. Do I own an A7V? Yes I have two. But if they are on the table the Germans are looking forward to a hard time. Either that or it is VBCW, but that is another story.

The German Shock Platoons will be useful for any 1917-18 battles and should be the strength of the unit. I guess it is all about the tanks.

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