Wednesday, April 9, 2014

End of the Q1

In the business world we look to quarter to quarter results. This is often short sighted but here is my first quarterly report.

Here is a review of the status of my three main blogs. My gaming, painting and blog have been going well. I have only missed three days of painting for the quarter.

Green Fields Beyond
A blog on the history of The Great War. I often use pictures of my miniatures within the posts but I try to make this about history and not gaming.
Slow month and quarter with 3 and 13 posts at my end.
The blog has 32 followers from 47,633 visits.

This is a blog for my religious journey. Posts have been sparse with only 6 posts for the quarter. There are 9 followers for 108 visits. This blog needs the most work but I also believe it holds the most promise.

Basement Games
This is my gaming blog. I have blogged 13 times this month for a total of 42 posts for the quarter.
Friends are at 67 with 62,648 visits.
I am happy with how well this blog is being received.

Painted and Completion Counts

1/6000 and 1/2400
86 Ships

9 - AFV
2 - Arty
72 - Infantry
9 - Terrain
6 Snowmen

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