Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cassinga Update

Well last weekend Mark and I ran a setup and playtest for the Battle of Cassinga. It went very well for two players that were rusty with IABSM from TOOFATLardies. We even were able to can a player to join in at Dragonhead. We discussed the good and the bad for the game and it looks like he if a convert. He was especially please when I talked of the depth of rules for The Great War.

As we are running the game at Fall In two days (OMG) for now I will just share image from the game. Oh my poor Cubans. Mark, you may have me hooked with the Cubans. I even have a few troops to start me off.

The Battlefield During Setup

 White Cards are South African AT Troops on Blinds

I Hate Airpower and RPG7s

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  1. Great looking battlefield, and very nice pictures!