Thursday, October 3, 2013

The New Syrians

I am very please to add a few more figures to the workbench. These creations from Khurasan Miniatures include some Skinnies for Starship Troopers (ok they are called The Intruders from their Earthdoom line) and a batch of their new Syrians. I will only say a few things as they are still in the bags.

The T-62 is a resign hull with white metal fixtures. It is a clean casting and I look forward to putting it together in the morning.

The 15mm Syrian infantry and support look really good and clean as well. My only concern is the size. They are well proportioned but large. I will be checking them against my existing Syrians in the morning to see if I can use them together.

These are welcome additions and I look forward to having them ready for gaming latter this month. More soon.


  1. Jon, you find that they a much large than quality casting figures. Also when compared with Peter Pigs again a little larger. The Quality Casting figure look like midgets from circus. I agree the Khurasan figures are outstanding. Plan to pay more shortly.

  2. I will be following this closely. I have mostly Peter Pig Syrians and Israelis. I have a couple of QRFs sprinkled in and I do not like them. Would love to see the Khurasans next to some Peter Pig to get an idea of how big a difference it will be.