Saturday, July 24, 2010


Personally I think the title sounds like a game show, but saying sides made me think of elementary school gym class. What I am talking about here is what are the factions for playing Operation Peace for Galilee. I am initially looking at the first part of the operation from 6 June 1982 to 12 June 1982. Latter I may also add in the earlier Operation Litani, the Lebanese Civil War of the 70s, the battles for the Beirut-Damascus Highway, and the UNMNF.

While concentrating on these seven days a gamer will find a lot to choose from. The IDF and Syrian bring almost very type of formations in the arsenals. The Israelis have every type of tank from the M-48 (ok this one is debatable) to the Merkava I. Syria has both mechanized as well as motorized formations and T55. T62 and T72s added. With Syria you also have Gazelle anti-tank helicopters.

The PLO brings their light infantry with Katyusha rocket launcher, dug in T34/85s and T54/55s and cool run down looking camps.

The Lebanese have the most diverse forces. The troops are as varied as the factions. Transport is limited to personal cars and armored vehicles can include the Panhard armored cars, T34/85s and lent Israeli M113s, M50s and M51s. Troops can be uniformed in either Israeli kit for the South Lebanese Army or in come as you are Middle Eastern kit for the religious militias. As for the faction, there is over a page of known factions in Rock the Casbah.

What is nice is it is easy to get started. A Lebanese militia only requires a few figures for an IABSM/TWT game. Using Peter Pig figures you need a pack of command, one to two packs of riflemen with AK47, an RPG pack and possibly a LMG or heavy weapons pack. For around $25 you are ready to take on…well if you are Lebanese that could mean anyone in the Middle East.

Israelis and Syrians are a little more expensive as you will also need APCs and tanks, but who can turn down those hot looking Merkavas.

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